Monday, September 21, 2009


We are trying to refinance the house. Hopefully, we'll close next month. We are scheduled to have a appraisal done at the end of the month. We were hoping to do a bunch of painting since some rooms havent' been painted since we bought the house ten years ago. We repainted the bathroom. I only bought one roll of wallpaper border since its a small room and I thought one roll would do it. I underestimated. I bought another roll and then my van died so my husband hasn't had time to put it up.

We also painted one livingroom wall and the hall. My husband painted it blue and I'm not real keen on having a blue livingroom so we'll be painting the other walls a different color. I know, weird, but, hey, I'm the one that has to look at it.
I have 3 rooms upstairs and 2 bedrooms in the basement. My girls will be staying upstairs and my son will have a room in the basement and (hopefully) a new bathroom to himself.
My daughter wants her room to be done in tinkerbell, so purple (which is her favorite color) and green (which is apparently Tinkerbells favorite color). I was hoping we could get her room done before the appraisal but it isn't looking likely.
My other daughter wants her room done in princess style which is really funny because she is my Dora the Explorer fanatic. She plays with Dora toys and dolls. She wants to watch Dora when its her turn to choose a movie. She pretends to be Dora all the time. She will be moving into my sons old room.
My son has found something called Bakugan. It is kind of like marbles but these "marbles" open up to reveal a dragon or some other creature. He collects the "marbles" more than he plays the game though. He is also getting into Star Wars. I think his cousin got him interested. He says he wants his room to be all Bakugan but last year he wanted Yugioh, so we may have to go with something basic so he can change his decor with bedding and posters.
We want to put in a bathroom downstairs. He said he would move downstairs if there was a bathroom there. So I told him, since he would be the one getting the most from it, he could pick the theme.

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Tootsie said...

we have bakaguan...pokemon, and the whole kit and kabootle going on here! I hate these little round toys...they clog the vacuum! lol
have a great time with the is such a nice way to clean house!