Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flowers for the little one

My sweet husband brought me home flowers the other day. Carnations, my favorite! The next day he brought home a poor poinsettia flower that they were going to throw away at work. Apperently he forgot my luck with the cactus. I killed it. Okay, so if I can kill a cactus, I can kill plant! But, I digress. So my sweet husband brought home this sick poinsettia. My daughter came rushing in from the other room to greet him. She stopped dead in her tracks and exclaimed, "Daddy, you brought me flowers?" She took the pot from him and walked around with it for the rest of the night. She was so happy that her daddy had brought her flowers. I thought it was so cute!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not drive one hour (each way) just to spend another $20.00 on cards for my son's new facination with Yu-gi-oh cards.
I did not rewash a load of laundry because I did not forget it was in the wash. Nope, not me.
I did not buy an expensive RF Modulator becuase I saw and and thought "I need that." My husband also did not buy one and have it already installed. No because I wouldn't do that.
I did not ask my husband if he bought me chocolates when he came home with an armload of essential groceries.
I was not happy when he brought home a DVD/VHS player so my children don't try to snuggle in my bed to watch a VHS tape. Sometimes I think they pick VHS tapes on purpose so they can snuggle in my bed.
Garbage bags are not piling up on my porch because we forgot to put the garbage cans out last garbage day. Nope. Wouldn't forget that.
I am not dreading my children going back to school tomorrow because I have not been enjoying sleeping in.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Snow? Enough Already!

Though I think the ski resorts would disagree with me, I wish the snow would stop! Okay, not completely, we need the moisture as we do live in a desert here but I would like it to stop until the road in front of our house is clear. We had 6 inches or so of snow when we woke up this morning. My husband was kind enough to snowblow it off our driveway and sidewalk before he went to work. The main problem is the 3-4 inches of ice under the 6 inches or so of snow. The road was finally starting to show through the ice and snow and we get dumped on again. I wouldn't mind snow so much if it would snow on the lawns and mountains and stay off the road. I know its not possible or even plasable but it would make me feel better. Okay. Thanks for listening to my rant. And hey, if you get the chance, the skiing is great!

Christmas Day

In our house, the tradition is the children can get into their stockings and play with anything in there. The gifts have to wait until mom and dad get up. The children don't know any other way so it works for us. We usually wait until my mom and dad come and then head over to the inlaws. Because of the great snow storm we received on Christmas, my parents decided not to come and to see us at a later date. My inlaws called to say they would stop by on their way home from seeing Grandma. They never showed up. After 3:30pm, my father-in-law called to say one of his daughters had come to his house and were we going to come today or what! What the . . . ? Whatever. So we went to inlaws. We had a light supper there, gave our gifts to the inlaws. After a while, we decided to head to my parents house because my husband was really excited to give them what we got for them. It wasn't so bad going to my parents house but coming home was actually scary. The snow pack was so bad. We got stuck turning from the main street into our cul-de-sac. All I have to say is thank goodness for my husband and the snowblower.

Son's Birthday

I wanted to do this on my son's birthday but it came and went so fast that the whole week was just a blur.
I just want to let my son know what a wonderful person I think he is. He is full of energy, life and enthusiasm. He is such a good friend to all. He could be a better student but because he is smart he does well without trying too hard. He loves to tell stories. He loves to play games, especially when he beats mom! He is loving and kind to his sisters even when they don't reciprocate. He loves to spend time with his friends and also with his family. He makes sure he gives me a hug and kiss every night and tells me that he loves me. How can you beat that?


Its a new year. New start. New resolutions? Does anyone make New Years resolutions? I usually do but decided not to make any this year. A number of things affected my decision not the least of which I usually break them fairly quickly. This year, I think I'll make weekly goals. Actually, they would be renewals of goals made earlier in the year. I will let you know what they are when I accomplish them or at least make some progress. I know I should tell you all but I do have my husband to keep me accountable for now.