Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Snow? Enough Already!

Though I think the ski resorts would disagree with me, I wish the snow would stop! Okay, not completely, we need the moisture as we do live in a desert here but I would like it to stop until the road in front of our house is clear. We had 6 inches or so of snow when we woke up this morning. My husband was kind enough to snowblow it off our driveway and sidewalk before he went to work. The main problem is the 3-4 inches of ice under the 6 inches or so of snow. The road was finally starting to show through the ice and snow and we get dumped on again. I wouldn't mind snow so much if it would snow on the lawns and mountains and stay off the road. I know its not possible or even plasable but it would make me feel better. Okay. Thanks for listening to my rant. And hey, if you get the chance, the skiing is great!


Tootsie said...

I feel for you! we have not yet gotten our big dump! BUT....when we assured I will be crying in my snowcone!

L Harris said...

:D You should come visit me! lol. We have a bit of snow, not as much as we usually get, but . . . no snow on the roads!!! hahahaha. We get snow from mid-Oct to mid-April. :D

Neil Bytes said...

It has been a snowy winter.

Kathy Finch said...

Hi, You left me a note on my BLOG. I just wanted to thank you for your kind words.
I do not keep a journal, so this is my way of a journal of sorts. LOL
I love to let family and friends know what I am into. Most of them are not even close to where I live.
I post what I love, Like and live. I hope that you will continue to read and enjoy.
I see that you got as much snow as we did here in Washington. My son is in Provo. and he said that it was so beautiful.
Message me again if you like.
God be with You!!