Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Logan Zoo

We took a day trip to Cache Valley in Utah to the store to get some of their cheese. We also bought some honey and bread.
After that we went to the zoo in Logan. I don't remember the name but it is run strictly by donations. They have some eagles there. The eagles were injured and can no longer fly so they would die if they were back in the wild. The zoo has permission to display and take care of them. I don't think they were too happy to see us. They had a duck with a n awesome blue bill. I'm sure someone else thinks that's normal but I thought it was just awesome. There were some cougars. Those are not cats I would want to meet in the wild. There was one wandering around in one of the neighborhoods here a month or so ago, but this is close enough for me!

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Pajamas-well sort of

My daughters birthday is in March when it is still chilly. Between that and Christmas, she gets many warm pajamas. She was complaining that she was too hot and doesn't she have any pajamas she can wear that she won't roast in. I figured she probably didn't. So I made her these in her new favorite color-green. Her favorite color has been purple for years so this is going to take some getting used to but she's worth it. :) I made a couple fitting mistakes on it but have since fixed them. She was so excited! I think that's the first time she was actually eager to go to bed!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Apricot Butter

It is way to early in the morning for this but I was so excited. I made 14 half-pint bottles and 1 pint bottle of Apricot Butter. I know! I'd never heard of it either but it is really good-unless you don't like apricots. I tasted only a little bit and it was good. Next batch, I"m going to make some especially for me and my mom (both diabetics). My nephew is diabetic too but I really don't think he'd like it but I'll ask my sister if she wants to try it and let her know its no-added-sugar. Can't say no sugar because there is natural sugar in the frut. Okay, I'm rambling but my excuse is that I am tired. Way past time to go to bed. Here is what 14 half-pints and one pind of apricot butter looks like. Yay me.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mueller Park Canyon

I haven't been to Mueller Park Canyon for at least 16 years. It was beautiful. Although my pictures can in no way do it justice, I thought I'd share some anyway.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday Birthday Party

My brother died when he was 18. On Sunday, August 1, 2010, my brother would have been 40 years old. My mother wanted to celebrate his life on his birthday this year. We had cake and ice cream in Mueller Park Canyon. There is a nice little covered patio with tables and some stairs down to the creek. I'd never been there before but my uncle said it was old when he was young. He's in his 60's. I think everyone had a nice time. My sister wanted us to bring photos of him. I didn't take many pictures those days. Thanks to my digital camera a take many more now. I can remember one photo I did take and wish I could find it. My parents house had a small wall enclosing the porch. I took a picture of my brother jumping off that wall (it was forbidden of course but we did it anyway). He was a Star Wars fan as many were at the time. He was a fantastic artist. There are just boxes full of his art. One was so cute and humerous, we even had T-shirts made from his drawing. Happy Birthday Big Brother. We miss you.