Sunday, August 8, 2010

Apricot Butter

It is way to early in the morning for this but I was so excited. I made 14 half-pint bottles and 1 pint bottle of Apricot Butter. I know! I'd never heard of it either but it is really good-unless you don't like apricots. I tasted only a little bit and it was good. Next batch, I"m going to make some especially for me and my mom (both diabetics). My nephew is diabetic too but I really don't think he'd like it but I'll ask my sister if she wants to try it and let her know its no-added-sugar. Can't say no sugar because there is natural sugar in the frut. Okay, I'm rambling but my excuse is that I am tired. Way past time to go to bed. Here is what 14 half-pints and one pind of apricot butter looks like. Yay me.

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