Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I (Almost) Have a Car Again!

While going to the dentist just before school started, July 21st to be exact, my car died. At the end of our street, it just died. School started on July 27th, so I have had a fun time walking my children to school since then. (Why haven't I lost any weight?) My husband decided it was the transmission. He bought one and was putting it in when he broke the block-the bottom part of the engine. Okay, my van is a 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan that my dad gave me after someone had rear-ended him and the insurance gave him enough to get a newer van so it isn't worth the money for a new car. My husband went the the junk yard and bought an engine. He brought it home and it didn't work. So, he went and got another one-which would not start. It would try but not actually turn over. So, after trying to get it to work for a week and half, he took it back to the junkyard. When he brought the next one home, it was half price so they gave him some money back! He put it in, started it and didn't like the way it sounded so he proceeded to replace the heads. Last week he put in the first head. He didn't have time to finish it because he works 2 jobs and we ended up going to a birthday party for my great neice, going to a baptism for another neice and going to another town 1/2 hour away to get something that ended up not being there. Yesterday, he put in the second head and put the rest of the engine back together. He started it and was so happy that it is a very quiet ride now. Today, after I pick him up from work, we will put the hood back on. Tomorrow we will take it to get the safety and emmissons test done and next week, I will borrow his car again so I can go for an hour drive to the nearest DMV so I can get new stickers on it so I will be legal again.

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The Mama said...

Yay! I don't know what I'd do without my car! LOL I'd probably go crazy. :-)