Sunday, September 20, 2009

Progress on 101 in 1001

2. Get rid of PMI-done
16. Say prayer every night.
17. Say blessing when we eat.
28. Complete a UFO.
39. Try a new craft.
47. Go to a dentist-done
48. Make an appointment to see my diabetes doctor and actually keep the appointment.
49. Go on a mile bikeride with the children in the trailer.-done
54. Transition L into her own bed. -done
55. See a movie in a theater. -done
59. Go to the zoo as a family. -done
60. Go to Lagoon as a family. -done 61.
64. Go to the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden, Utah. -done
65. Go to Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah. -done
66. Go on a picnic in a park. -done
69. Get S in to a dentist for a checkup-done
70. Get E in to a dentist for a checkup-done
71. Get L in for a dental checkup-done Home
81. Fix living room wall. -done
82. Paint livingroom. 1/4 done painted one wall
85. Lay wood floor in media room. -done
86. Fix curio cabinet. -done
89. Fix baseboards in bathroom. done
99. Go to a drive in and watch a movie. -done
100. Sell, donate or throw away 101 items. done but doing it again.
Well I was thinking 25 didn't really sound too good but its almost one quarter of the way done. Unfortunately some things I wanted to do just won't work out as planned. So maybe I AM 1/4 of the way done after all. Seeing as I have less than two years left though, I better hustle.