Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party

I promised my children to that I would throw them a Halloween Party. Problem was, up until last night I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I made pumpkin cupcakes last night. Today I made spiced apple juice and chocolate chip cookies.
We made pizzas first and played games while they were cooking. The first game we played was Witch's Brew. We cut out things that might go in a witch's cauldron; 10 red ants, 1 green toad, 10 shark's teeth, etc. We had 5 children come so there were 5 of each item. 1 was given to the person the rest were taped to his back. The idea is to get one of each item from the other player's back while protecting your own. The first person to collect them all and put them in the cauldron was the winner.
We also played Halloween bingo I had bought when my daughter was in kindergarten and I was room mom.
The last game we played was lots of fun but I'm not sure what it's called. We put 20 random items in a bag. Each child closed their eyes and picked one item out of the bag. Then we started the story. "One night I went to our deep, dark cellar . . . " The children had to continue the story using whatever they had picked from the bag. They picked 3-4 times before they ended the story.
I had goodie bags but didn't get the chance to fill them before the party so I made that a party game too. The children really seemed to enjoy that. It was kinda like trick-or-treating.

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