Friday, September 10, 2010

Discovery Gateway

My husband severly burned his arm on August 14. This means he cannot do the things he wanted to do. I know this may sound odd but I look at this of a kind of blessing. My husband always has projects he wants to do which does not leave any time to do things with his family. Usually, if I take the children to the zoo, I have to take all three by myself. This week, because he couldn't do what he had planned, he took us to the children's museum at Discovery Gateway. My son got a ticket for up to six people to get in for free. We spent about 4 hours doing projects and watching the children have fun and we still didn't do all that was offered. We played with balls that went through a maze. We played at the store. I think my youngest really loved to shop. She bought mostly fruits and vegetables. She would wander for a minute, pick up a can or two and go back to the produce section. We were able to sit in a real life flight helicopter.
We played with stacking toys and legos.
The girls made tie-dyed bags using permanent markers.
I don't think I could afford to pay for the tickets at full price at $8 to $8.50 each. We did have fun and the children do want to go back. Validation cost me $2.00 for the day.

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Shear Sensations said...

though it is a sad accident, God some how made it a way for you all to be together and enjoy each other.

I also added you to my blogroll, its nice to hear your husband is doing better.