Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas is Coming

And very quickly I might add. I was just over at I'm An Organizing Junkie where she had this post about her gift closet. I have a box for each child for Christmas. Its just a plain old apple box. I also have an extra one for my son because his birthday is very close to Christmas. Although Imay not be very good at it, I do love an organized house. All my presents for my children are currently in the half bath just off my bedroom. I would love to use that room again. I do not have a closet I can use. My husband no longer needs his home office so I was cleaning it out to use as my sewing room. It has a great closet. I was planning on banning my children from the room so I could work on and store their Christmas and birthday presents in the room.
My two girls share a room and its becoming more than their father and I can handle as they always seem to be arguing about everything. So, we asked our son if he would be willing to move downstairs. He said he would so when I can get the room cleaned out, he will have the old office. I don't mind losing the office to him but I wish my sewing room has a closet. Its a small room with little storage and no closet. I have put up shelves and have bins of fabric but really no room to move around and sew so I don't do much sewing. Wish I could right now. I have 3 children that I would like to have in matching pajamas for Christmas. Point was, I need a gift closet that I know the children will stay out of. I suppose they will stay in the half bath for now.


Tootsie said...

I wish my kids would stop fighting...and they don't share a room!!! I also wish I didn't have to do all my sewing at the dining table! I am having to keep the gifts in the garage...the kids are on to me!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I guess I'm lucky: my kids aren't old enough to fight yet! Also they can't reach high places so it's easy to hide my gifts. I'm taking notes for later. :)