Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trading Spaces

My older girl is getting too old to share a room with her little sister. My son said he would move downstairs to his dad's old office. We cleaned it out and had him moved in before Thanksgiving. We took the chair rail down in his old room and painted the closet, the trim and the ceiling in a dark pink. The rest of the room will be done in light pink paint we were given from my sister-in-law. We have not spent one cent on this room in paint. So cool and she loves the colors. We will finish painting her room Monday after my husband gets home from work and then I will post finished pictures. She has a few "Princess" decorations we will put up after the paint has dried. For now, here's our work in progress.

When this is done, my 7 year old wants a purple and green "Tinkerbell" room. My husband thinks he can get it done before Christmas. I would love to have nice, neat clean, newly painted, organized room for Christmas. Well, at least they'll be newly painted.

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Tootsie said...

this is going to be a fun project!!!