Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday

taking my first step into the Not Me Mondays

I was not late to my sister-in-laws house on Saturday and did not wear damp pants because I did not forgot to start the dryer when I put my clothes in.

I did not wrap all the Christmas presents then forget what is in which package because, of course, I would have written down what was in each package. Nope, not me.

I didn't miscalculate my finances and wrap up socks for my fahter-in-law that I bought for my husband. I wouldn't do that.

I did not threaten to call Santa and tell him not to come because the children are all perfect angels. I wouldn't be that mean.

I am not dreaming of a green Christmas in a tropical paradise and I lookk outside at the snow and think of all the predicted storms. I am not thinking of Bing Crosby and cursing that song.

I am not going to close this post and get me a cup of hot chocolate now.

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Tammy W said...

I must admit I have been guilty of the damp pants thing several times. Great Not Me list!

L Harris said...

Damp pants! hahahaha

Great list. Socks. that's funny.

And I did tell my kids that Christmas was optional!!!!