Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Real Age

I took the Real Age Test. My calendar age is 36. My real age is 37.3. One thing I can do to get younger is follow a weight plan I can stick with. No news there. They suggested 4 things I can do to lose some weight and I thought I'd share them with you.
4 Powerful Ways to Reach Your Optimal Weight
Believe it or not, your body naturally wants to take you to your ideal weight, and the YOU: On a Diet plan is designed to help get it there. It’s based on four simple strategies:

1. Find a diet buddy -- someone to listen and keep you on track.
2. Track your waist -- measure your middle, every day.
3. Restock your fridge -- out with the bad, in with the good.
4. Walk every day -- 30 minutes, no matter what. Here’s why.

Your inner voice may cheerlead you into thinking longer walks equal more pounds lost, but research shows it may not be so.

Long walks may be best for someone more fit, but shorter strolls -- about 30 minutes 5 days a week -- could be all you need in the first 3 months of a walking program to achieve the weight-loss benefit you seek. Once you're feeling stronger, and the walking is easier, add minutes and intensity to reach your next goal. That'll give your inner voice something to cheer about.

If you'd like to find out your real age, take the test at

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