Monday, October 6, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

My friend Tammy at Munchinheads tagged me.

I'm afraid I lead a boring life but here goes.
#1. I wanted to be a preschool teacher. I have so much stuff.
#2. I am such a pack rat. I want to declutter but hate to get rid of stuff.
#3. I actually had my husband throw something away for me cuz I couldn't bear to do it. I know. I know.
#4. I'm addicted to Littlest Pet Shop pets. My daughter got one for her birthday and I am hooked. So sad. But they are so cute!
#5. White chocolate makes me sick but its my hubby's favorite.
#6. I have a three-shelf bookcase full of cookbooks.
#7. My car broke down once on the way to Vegas and once on the way back. We haven't been back since we broke down on the way back.

I'm only going to tag a couple of people.
#1. penguinsandladybugs
#2. The Twitchell Family

1 comment:

Tammy W said...

Now how can you NOT love Littlest Pet Shop stuff! they are so CUTE!