Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackled Daughters bedroom. She has so many dollhouses and play sets for her little pet shop toys. I needed someplace to keep them that wasn't on the floor. The toy box was overflowing with toys for both girls. I grant you that they probably have more than they need. Okay they definitely have more than they need. And its a small room so we need to take advantage of any space savers we can find.
We bought 3 under the bed storage bins. One was for toys that the girls share, one for E's toys and one for L's toys. We put a bookcase/shelf thing in her room for her play sets. I still want to put up a shelf just below the ceiling so she can put her toys on it that she wants but doesn't want to play with anymore. She growing out of her stuffed toys but still wants them around her so I thought this might work. I wanted to post pics but I can't find my camera. I'll post pics when i can find it.
No, the office isn't done yet. But DH promised to help me next week. We'll see what happens.
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