Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Liberty Park

After we had looked at all the birds in the aviary, we headed over the Liberty Park. For those who don't know, its all in the same block. There is a pond for boat rides, a couple of carnival rides, a small consession area, a small replica of the canyons in northern Utah, a playground and what they call a splash pool. We started out at the canyons. The designer made a scale model of the canyons in the area complete with rivers. The girls wore their swimsuits so they could splash in the water. The girls had so much fun! After a while, we packed up the picnic and went to the splash area which is really close to the playgound. My children preferred the playground to the splash pool. It was getting late so we finally decided to go home. The children ended up having a picnic in the car on the way home. Before we arrived home, at least one had had enough excitement for the day and fell asleep. Aww. I usually try not to post pictures of other people's children, but I could not get a clear shot of my children in the canyon ponds and I really wanted to show how cool the canyon area is.

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