Monday, August 8, 2011

Dinosaurs At the Zoo? And they move?

On Thursday, I took my son, youngest daughter and my nephew to the zoo. We looked around for a while, compared hands to the ape hand, and height to the ape height. It was very cool to see the wolves. They have such a large area to roam (compared to some of the other animals) and are very shy so it was a real treat. We happened to be there just before the bird show so we stopped in to see that. It was awesome! There were birds flying right over our heads! I wondered why they ask that you don't stand up and now I know. You or the birds could get seriously hurt! Those birds were literally inches away from the top of our heads. There was one bird that was the heaviest eagle in the world. Although the trainer mentioned the name, I can't remember it. It was fun to watch it walk. Wish I'd gotten a video of that one. They had a little pool for it to take a bath in. He was having a good ole' time in the pool and wasn't going to come out! The trainer put a treat on the grass but he wasn't going to be fooled. The trainer had to put a treat on the edge of the pool and quickly put one in the grass before the bird decided he was going back to bathing.

Cute little white birds ran from one side of the stage to the other behind the presenter. Back and forth at different points in the show. They also had a rooster running back and forth and near the end he danced for us. Funny. It's beena long time since I've been to a bird show at the zoo. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was surprised to hear my little girl laugh so much. It really is a family show. Everyone enjoyed it. At the end, they have a small time to take donatation for the zoo. You hold the dollar up and the bird takes it and puts it in the donation box. My daughter really wanted to do it so I gave her a dollar. She was thrilled.

Okay, about the dinosaurs. They are not statues, they are anamatronic (is that the right spelling?) or robots. They move and growl and a couple (mom and baby) actually spit water! There was a triceratops and baby, kentasaurus, allosaurus, parasoralophus, a couple I can't remember the names to and of course, the king of all dinosaurs, the T-Rex. Even its eyes moved. If I didn't know it wasn't real, I would have thought he was sizing me up for dinner. They boys loved it. I was glad to find out my nephew had a good time. I wanted to show you more pictures of the dinosaurs but apparently I didn't download them so I'll have to post some more later.

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