Thursday, November 3, 2011

How Does the World Go On?

My son's friend died Tuesday morning on the way to school. He was hit by a car and died instantly. He was 13. Today is the 23rd anniversary of my brother's death. He was barely 18. As I was thinking about these two young men. I was remembering how I felt when my brother passed away. I wonder how does life go on? When you lose someone you deeply love, your world has stopped. It seems everything should stop but, of course, it does not. I know I'm rambling. It just seems so strange that things should go on normally. Your life is shattered and things just go on.
My brother committed suicide. I don't know if he meant to or not but he was contempleting it enough to form a plan and that is bad enough. October 19 is National Suicide Prevention day. If you are thinking these kinds of thoughts or see the signs in someone else, please, please tell someone who can help. Do something. If someone who has been sad suddenly seems happy or is giving away their things, please do not stand aside but do something. Life is just too precious. Rest in peace dear brother. We all miss you very much.