Monday, July 20, 2009

What A Summer!

I haven't been posting for a while because after I get done working, I just want to go to bed and get some sleep. That doesn't mean we haven't done anything fun this summer. We have been doing a couple of things a month since May. The best part is, my husband has been able to join us. He is usually busy even if I have planned to do something so we go when he is at work but this year, he said he wanted to do "stuff" with the family.
We have been to Lagoon, the local amusement park,

Red Butte Gardens,

took the new boat out for a spin,

visited the ranch at Antelope Island, the biggest island in the Great Salt Lake,

and went to the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden.

We also took swimming lessons, went on a few picnics at the park, saw an actual movie in an actual theater (Disney's "Up"), went to the natural history museum (cool traveling frog exhibit), and went to a couple of family reunions.

I am sure there are one or two things I am forgetting or overlooking or maybe I just thought we did more things this summer than we actually did. I would still like to go camping which I was looking forward to but we haven't been able to do. I would like to go to Dinosaur Land and see the museum where one wall is a real dinosaur dig but it has been closed and only recently got funding to rebuild. I guess we will wait a couple years until it reopens.

I am hoping to do one or two more things before they go back to school. School starts on July 27th. Although I am not excited about school starting so early or the summer essentially ending, I welcome the structure that the school year brings. I will miss my children when they go back to school but I have one more at home for at least a couple more years.My youngest turned 3 in February.