Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tracy Aviary

On July 21, while the boys were off to scout camp, us three girls went with my sister and my neice and step grandneice an newphew to the Tracy Aviary and then off to play in the water at Liberty Park. I had a picnic planned but the girls were more interested in the water than the food. Haha. At the aviary, the birds were amazing and they've made some awesome improvements since the last time I was there. Because I have a pass to the zoo, I received a discount at the Aviary which was cool. I like discounts! I think the favorite part for my girls was were they were able to purchase food and feed it to the water fowl. My favorite part were the signets (a.k.a. ugly ducklings or baby swans). Even being so small they were so graceful. They have the owls in what they call the Owl Forest. There is even a little sound system that if you push the buttons you can hear the sounds different owls make. They don't all hoot, and now my children know it too. The size ranges of these owls are amazing. We happened to run into a volunteer who was very knowledgeable. He had a bit of owl scat that he offered to let the children touch. I'm glad mine didn't want to touch it.

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