Friday, August 5, 2011

Bingham Copper Mines

Bingham Copper Mine was giving free tours. Usually its $5.00 per carload but for about 2 weeks at the beginning of July, it was free. I didn't know until July 16 and it ended July 17. So we went out to see the biggest open pit mine in the world (I think it was world, but maybe it was just country). It was amazing how big it actually was. Way Cool though! First we parked the car then waited and waited for the shuttle bus. Some of the children thought that was very cool. It was the kind of bus you'd take to Wendover or for an extended tour. Very fancy. When we finally arrived at our destination, we peered over the side of the railing and way, way down to the bottom of the very large pit. The workers looked extremely small. I've included a picture of the tires they use on their very big machines so you could get an idea of how big they actually were. We were able to see what some old mining equipment looked like. Some of it was really cool to see. The museum also had exhibits on what the mining industry might look like in a few years and where they were planning on taking this business. I'm sad to see the mountain become inverted. I understand the need for copper however. Unfortunately, our families recycling efforts just can't satiate the need for copper. If you are ever in Utah, you should take the drive to the copper mine. All proceeds go to a local charity.

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