Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Husband Found A New Job

My husband applied for a job on Friday. They called him before the end of day and offered him a job contingent on whether or not he passed the background check. They sent him the required paperwork which he filled out and returned as soon as possible. The company said they would let him know Monday if everything was all right. Although there is nothing in his background that would prevent him from being hired, he was still nervous. He waited all weekend. Finally, it was Monday. The company called him first thing and said they had a paperwork and just had to have someone pull the records. They asked him to call them in the afternoon. He called after 2 and there is no answer. He called after 3 and there was no answer. He called after 4 and no answer. He called home and asked me if I had heard anything. I told him no. He said he would try them again. Finally, he received the call that he had the job. He starts on Valentine's Day. He will be an underwriter for an insurance company. He is so excited!


Millie said...

So happy...good job.

Tina said...

Wonderful news!!!! Congrats!