Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yesterday was my anniversary. We've been married for 16 years. Sometimes its hard to believe 16 years has gone by so fast and others times it seems like soo many more years than just 16!

My husband brought home roses, "mommy candy" (Lindor chocolates-my littlest one calls them mommy candy) and a sweet card to me yesterday morning. I wasn't done with my gift for him so he had to wait until after work. I made him a candy gram. Yes, I know. I haven't made one in quite awhile and just thouht it would be unexpected and kinda new. I bought more candy than would fit on the poster board but my children didn't mind.:)

In case you are interested and can't read it, it says(the underlined words are the candies):

To my Big Hunk
I know this is corny but please don't Snicker(s). U-No I love you. You are my SweatTart(s). You make me feel like 100 Grand. You give me Mounds of happiness. Though sometimes it has been a Rocky Road and you've wanted to make a Fast Break, instead you Take 5 and think of all the Good (and Plenty) times and the (Almond) Joy we've shared. B Twix you and me, I think of our lives as a Symphony, (of) beautiful music. Look at what we have and I think you'll agree that though sometimes we amy drive each other (Planters Honey Roasted Pea)nuts, we never go to (Reese's) peices. Kisses, Love Rachel.
Okay I said it was corny but it was fun and he got a kick out of it.


steffenboysmom said...

Congrats~~~ It just keeps getting better and better! I'm so proud of you! It's a rare thing these days!~

Tammy W said...

That is just WAAAAY too cute Rach! I miss you woman! Log on some time... or call me! I had to work 50 hours this week but it will be over tomorrow. FINALLY!

Happy Anniversary!

Millie said...

Ahhhh, that was so sweet, I hope you both had a fabulous day.