Sunday, April 26, 2009


One of my cats died this winter. It was very sad and I went to pieces even though I knew it was going to happen. I still have my Cuddles and really wasn't sure if I wanted another cat. Of course, my children did. My littest decided she wanted a "black kitten". I thought that was amazingly specific, even my older children had just said cat. So, I started looking for a black kitten. I found some, 10 weeks old, already litter box trained. It was a long ride but we went to get one more kitten. We came home with two. What?! Well, they will play together and sleep together so they won't keep us up all night crying. My older cat is NOT happy. She doesn't like any other cats at all. We have told her she needs to be nice but I don't think she's buying it. She has growled and hissed at them but hasn't hurt them. The kittens seem sufficiently scared enough to leave her alone even though they are extremely curious. I will post pictures when they are more comfortable here. I feel really bad about the little boy from the family that gave us the kittens. He really didn't want to let them go. He stood crying at the door as he watched his beloved kittens being taken away by strangers. Poor child. To you I want to say that I love cats. I love these little kittens and I promise to take good care of them. They are already loved by me and my family especially my little children. And I will keep my promise to send you updates on our kittens.

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Tina said...

nice to see you blogging again!! I miss talking with you. Hope to chat soon.