Sunday, April 26, 2009


We went to Nickelcade! My sister and two kids plus my niece and her two kids went with me, my husband and my kids to play video games. I really wasn't looking forward to it but the weather was awful and since my sister was going with my neice and their children, and I didn't want my children to miss out on any fun since they do so much without us anyway, we went. I didn't take my camera so for pics you can visit my sisters blog at In case you don't know, Nickelcade is an arcade-type place where you pay an entrance fee and then all games, rides, etc are just a nickel. We used coupons which essentially got most of us in at half-price. We had an odd number of people in our family and it was buy one get one free so we bought three and two got in free so not quite half price.

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