Monday, February 9, 2009

New Job

I have a new job. I trained at the office for a week and a half then they gave me a computer and I started working from home.

There are ups and downs working from home. First, the downs.

1. No designated time. The work is always there. I don't get to leave it at the office.

2. Distrations. I have to deal with all the home things while I'm working. And if I really don't feel like working, there is always laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.

3. My pay is based on how many documents I can do in an hour.

4. I listen to books on tapes/CD while driving/sitting in traffic. Don't listen to many anymore.

The Ups

1. I love being home for my children. They are confident that I am here for them.

2. No babysitter. I can work while my three-year-old plays next to me.

3. No designated time. I can work whenever I want as long as I get my hours in.

4. The commute is amazing!

5. I can go to work in my pajamas and no one makes comments.

6. I can rearrange my office anytime I want. I can have an office with or without a window, move my desk just because.

Looks like the pros win.

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