Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have transportation again!

I was picking up my son from a friend's house and my transmission kept slipping out of gear. It slipped out on my 4 times after I realized what was happening and trying to get it home. I pulled into the driveway but couldn't make it into the garage. I called my son's friend's mom and asked if she could give him a ride home.
My hubby went to the junk yard and got a transmission. It took him a few days to put it in but he did. Around 11pm just as he finished, he asked me to try it out with him. It didn't work.
He took it back and got another one. It took him two weeks in get it in and ready. This one works. Yay! I don't use it much but I never realized the feeling of freedom it gives me to do what I need/want to when I need/want to. I am so grateful for a husband that knows how to fix so many things.


L Harris said...

You are very blessed. My dh can, but chooses not to. He'd rather pay someone to do it. We just got a new vehicle. I'm so excited. Hopefully we'll get another so that I can have one. But I'm just so pleased that now I can take my family to church or out for a meal without borrowing someone's vehicle!

Stephanie said...

That's awesome! We don't let my husband and tools near our cars. They have to go to the shop when they break. I just spend $800 today on DH's car. EEEP.

My BIL is a mechanic, but he lives about 10 hours away. He does help diagnose stuff over the phone though! LOL

Phoebe said...

I seriously feel you here. I went to pick up my kiddos yesterday, and my van wouldn't start. It is definitely frustrating!

Hoping that we just left a door open/light on and that it will start. I need it desperately tomorrow!

Awesome that your DH know how to work on them-saves a lot.

--I will try to get some time management tips together, although I'm not the best myself! :)