Sunday, March 15, 2009

Late Over Birthday Party

My daughter is turning 7 in a few weeks. We decided to have a late-over party where the children are picked up late instead of a sleepover. I got lots of postive feedback from the parents on this idea.

We had pizza then decorated cupcakes. I was surprised how little time this took.

Then we decorated foam purses I bought at the dollar store. I also bought 1 package of stickers and 2 packages of alphabet stickers so the girls could write their names. I also picked up a package of 4 glitter glues in case any of the girls wanted their purses to sparkle. (They are girls after all). When the girls were done decorating their purses, it was time to fill them with the essentials. Okay, they were not all essentials but it was still fun. The purses were filled with small boxes of candy, a ring pop, and a plastic bracelette. I also gave them tiaras. I think most of them wore them for the rest of the night.

Then, we opened birthday presents. She was very nice and thanked everyone for being so thoughtful.

The last thing we did was pop popcorn and watched the twelve dancing princesses. The girls choose which movie they wanted to watch from a selction of "G" rated movies.

I overheard one girl telling her it was the best party she'd ever been to and thanks so much for inviting her. She got a thank you note from another little girl at church today telling her the late over was "grate". Personally, though I'm glad they all had fun, I'm just glad its over. No more birthday parties until June.

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L Harris said...

sounds great! may have to use that idea!